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The Least Expensive Vehicles of 2014 to Insure

If you are looking for a vehicle, want to take a guesstimate of your future insurance rates, or simply want to compare your bills to the Jones’s, here’s a guide to the least expensive vehicles of 2014 to insure:

least expensive cars

Jeep Wrangler Sport

The roll bars must really be a huge safety point, because this jeep is the cheapest vehicle to insure this year. In fact, according to, the average annual insurance cost for the Jeep Wrangler Sport in 2014 is $1,080 (dollars).

least expensive cars odyssey

Honda Odyssey LX

Don’t be afraid to go on an epic odyssey in the Honda Odyssey LX, because this minivan comes with a mini annual insurance cost of $1,103 (dollars).


least expensive cars jeep patriotJeep Patriot Sport

It shouldn’t be a surprise that an SUV made this list. It is common knowledge that SUV fare better in collisions, but a recent study by the University of Buffalo further supports that view. This study found that car drivers are 7.6 times more likely to die in a crash when compared to the drivers of SUVs. Perhaps that’s why this large vehicle comes with the low annual average insurance rate of $1,104 (dollars).

Least expensive cars honda crvHonda CR-V LX

The average annual insurance rate of the Honda CR-V LX is $1,115 (dollars). Adding the ECON button feature, which helps cut down on fuel use, gives the owner of this car the opportunity to save a lot of money this year.


least expensive car jeep compass sportJeep Compass Sport

Considering it’s practically the same vehicle as the Jeep Patriot Sport, it is certainly no surprise that the Jeep Compass Sport made this list. The differences between the vehicles are in the style of the bodies. The Compass is slightly more suave, and more expensive, than the Patriot. It also has a slightly higher average annual insurance cost: $1140 (dollars).

least expensive cars chrysler town and countryChrysler Town & Country

According to the Highway Safety Patrol, minivans are even safer than SUVs. The average annual deaths for drivers of SUVs is 28 per million, while the rate for minivan drivers is 25 drivers per million. These statistics are often attributed to the driver’s height off the ground, as well as the size, weight, and stability of the vehicle. The Chrysler Town received a 9.3 out of 10 stars in the safety category from U.S. News and World Reports. It’s annual average insurance cost is $1,140 (dollars).

Informational credit to Eisenhauer Insurance Inc., a Halifax car insurance company.


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