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The Usage Of Cast Iron Wooden Stoves

It was in the 18th Century since the wood burning stoves are being used. During the 19th Century, these stoves became even more popular and by now, they are in great demand of the homeowners. In the early times, the stoves came with earthenware tiles for the purpose of protection. They were decorated in beautiful ways and they were used in the royal palaces for cooking purposes.

Ceramic Stoves

During the middle ages, ceramic was known to be one of the most popular materials and hence, it was used for making wood stoves too. Even till the 20the century, ceramic was widely used for the manufacturing of the wooden stoves and iron firebox. The basic purpose of using ceramic in the stoves was to make them capable enough to absorb large amount of heat and release it over long time periods.

Iron Cast Wood Stoves

After ceramic, wooden stoves made from cast iron became a lot more popular. This material was capable of offering more benefits over typical ceramic stoves. It is stronger than ceramic and when it is used for making stoves then the stove is actually capable of becoming much more durable. Although the iron cast stoves were made centuries ago and they are still in use, but they are in same efficient working condition even today. Most of the antique wood stoves of the past were made from cast iron.

Qualities Of Cast Iron Wooden Stoves

There are lots of qualities of the cast iron wooden stoves. Here are some of them discussed below:

  • Cast iron is capable of sustaining high temperature and it can conduct heat so even if the temperature is extremely high, the stove will not get damaged.
  • The stoves are made from plates that are bolted together. If any part of the stove gets damaged, it can be replaced without any trouble.
  • These stoves can be decorated and designed in a number of ways. That is because they were more than just heating devices; they were also used as a piece of furniture in the kitchen for decor purposes. In the past, it was considered to be a pride to own cast iron wood stove.
  • These stoves are still in huge demand these days by the collectors.¬† They are available in a number of enamel colors.

If we take a look at the modern methods of manufacturing, you will find that there are mainly 3 materials that are used for the construction of the wooden burning stoves; cast iron, soapstone and steel. Soapstone requires a lot of time for heating and it is capable of radiating the heat for a long time even after it is turned off. Steel is a great conductor of heat and once the heat is turned on, the stove starts to radiate heat fast.

The popularity of the wood burning stoves has been revived because they are not just beautiful, and reliable, they are cost effective than those electric, oil or gas stoves. Furthermore, the wood cook stoves have the ability to offer a unique cooking pleasure to the user.

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