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Things You Should Know About ENT

E. Ears are very delicate, they are formed in such interesting ways so they can receive all the sound coming from around you. A slap on the side of an eardrum can pop it and make you permanently deaf.  Almost everyone begins to lose their hearing as they grow older due to various external factors. Mountain State offers a procedure that helps maintain your ears’ health. Quite simply, it is like an oil change. A majority of people have had an ear infection at some point in their lives. And a lot of the time, the infection can be more serious than they thought. They go to the clinic and have a simple exam, and the doctor may not see fluid buildup. Mountain State makes a tiny incision in the ear drum and place a tiny tube into your ear drum, the tube then allows for airflow into the ear. The air flow then allows the liquid to flow freely out of the ear. Restoring the health of your ear in the process.

N. The nose is also extremely susceptible to infections. Building up all the mucus that prevents harmful invasions through your nose.  It allows us to enjoy wonderful smells—like the summer barbecues and fireworks, or the beginning of fall when the air smells so fresh, or the first winter snow, or the beginning of the spring. At Mountain State, they offer a procedure known as septoplasty, which is the reconstruction of your septum. The septum is the wall between your nostrils, and any deformities can cause infections, headaches, and uncontrollable nose bleeds. A septoplasty can be a highly effective procedure when performed by a certified ENT physician.

T. The throat can be a problem for everyone. Common stripping can lead to infections or excess mucus build-up. Mountain State offers inspections and a variety of procedures to assist in the strengthening of the health of your throat.

Things You Should Know About ENT

Along with all of these procedures, Mountain State performs amazing plastic surgery for cosmetic purposes. The procedures can be non-surgical and minor in adjustments, all the way down to detailed and careful facial sculpting.

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