Tips To Find The Best Damp Proofing Companies

There could several reasons for the home owner to hire a damp proofing company. It could be the presence of damp patch on the wall plaster, moulds growing on the ceilings and walls, a pre-house purchase of damp survey. Whatever be the issue, there could be a genuine need to hire damp proofing companies that can provide effective work.

How to Find Such Companies?

A better way to find a contractor according to many is through recommendations of those, who have previously used such services at some point of time. It could be a relative, neighbor or friend, who might have firsthand knowledge and experience of utilizing the services of a company and it, can be worth having a look at.

At the same time, it also becomes essential to find a reputed firm, while avoiding cowboy traders. Nowadays, one can find plenty of research materials and useful information on the web. all the individual needs to type on the search engine is ‘damp proof specialists’ and within seconds they would have in front of them hundreds of websites and blogs that would direct them towards such specialists who offer services. However, one should remember that not all companies that aggressively market their services are not really efficient, effective or experienced. Hence, before trying to believe in the claims that is put up on the website like ‘high quality workmanship’, ‘honest service’ and ‘fully qualified staff having latest equipments’, it would important to give them a deeper look to check if these are for real or not.

Short Cut Towards getting hold of Pre-vetted Specialists in Damp Proofing

In the United Kingdom, probably, there is just one recognized trade association present for the damp proofing contractors. Hence, Property Care Association can be a wonderful place to begin with. The PCA is said to have written standards and every company that is in this domain has to meet them and to qualify a stringent safety, insurance, health and financial test before they could join it. Moreover, the member firms also are regularly visited and also subjected to independent quality audit. Therefore, one can take the assistance of the PCA to determine if a particular company is reputed and worth the try or not. By checking with the PCA, the person can easily weed out the unwanted companies and select the one that is completely reliable, professional and also prompt in its services.

Checklist to find a Good and Reputed Damp Proofing Company

  • PCA Member
  • Reliable personal recommendation
  • Website having substance
  • Website having complete details of the company and the services rendered by them
  • Testimonials received from real customers, both business establishments and domestic
  • Trademark registration
  • Qualified staff, well trained and having the right expertise and exposure
  • CHAS registration

Another important pointer that should not be missed out is the accreditation. TrustMark is the right accreditation to look for. Selecting a good and highly reputed company can really make a huge difference to the result achieved.

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