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Types Of Natural Stone Flooring

When looking at the different types of natural stone flooring there are many types to choose from.   The four most popular materials include marble, travertine, granite, and slate.


Marble stone flooring has a highly polished surface, giving your home a classic refine feeling.  It is also available in many colors, but the most recognizable color is the white tiles with a grain of black or gray.  Marble is considered a sturdy material, but it is easier to stain these tiles and is softer than granite.  Because of this, marble is not a good choice to put down in areas where there is high-traffic like a foyer or your kitchen


This is a type of limestone and is frequently chosen for floor tile.  The natural stones come in a variety of dark and light earth tones that range from reddish brown to tan to beige, and white.  In these stones, there are naturally occurring pits that give them a more rustic appearance along with a rougher texture.  To protect against scratching and water marks you may need to seal the floor because of the pitting in the stones.  The tiles can be used in different areas throughout the home if proper care is taken with them.  In addition to being used as floor tiles, they are used for countertops and in tub surrounds and showers.


This natural stone is very durable and hard and offers the homeowner a wide array of colors from which to choose.  Some of the colors offered are brown, tan, red, and black.  No matter what color you choose the flooring will usually have contrasting flecks of different colors.  Because it is so hard and durable, granite is resistant to chipping and scratching.  The floor tiles generally will have a polished smooth surface but there are different finishes you can choose that will give the flooring a rougher texture.  Granite flooring can be used in many areas of your home including foyers, bathrooms, and kitchens.


This type of natural stone flooring has a unique appearance.  Because it naturally flakes off in layers that are very fine, these tiles can appear to be slightly uneven.  This gives an earthy, natural appearance to any room.  The floor tiles come in a variety of colors, perfect for bathrooms, kitchen, and other rooms in your home.  It can also be used for landscape applications and for an outside patio because slate is water resistant.

In Conclusion

Which natural stone flooring is right for your home depends on the homeowner’s personal taste and the area where it will be used.  You also need to consider what it takes to clean these floors as some require more cleaning using special products than others.