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Verifying Legalities When You Buy A New Property

Verifying Legalities When You Buy A New Property

There are several things you need to check on when you consider purchasing a new home. One of the significant factors that new home owners should think of is the resale potential of the house. The legal aspects should also be considered as importantly as the resale value, as not checking on the property laws can land you in big trouble.

Property Law

The property law is unique and has certain rules and regulations regarding the purchase and transactions that are to be made. You need to hire a lawyer who is experienced in dealing with the legal issues towards buying or selling of property. There are different laws related to the commercial and residential leases and also in relation to property titles, boundary lines, zoning, and land use. Mortgages as well as foreclosures also come under the property law.

What Legal Assistance Entails

In general when you buy a property, the seller will enter into a written contract with the real estate agent, and when the agent finds a prospective buyer, he negotiates till an informal agreement is reached. The seller and buyer then sign a written contract.  A commitment for the financing is obtained by the buyer. Title is checked by both the buyer and lender, and the property is handed over. All this can occur in a smooth manner only in the presence of a lawyer. A conveyancer usually oversees the property settlement. The job of a conveyancer is to verify that all the steps are done according to the legalities, so the buyer or seller gets a good deal.

Issues that may Occur

With a lawyer to assist you, you can avoid the usual problems that are associated with the purchase of a property or in selling. For instance, the seller may enter into an agreement that does not take into consideration all the legal issues. All circumstances should be foreseen and provisions made to circumvent them, so the process goes smoothly failing which the buyer or seller may face damaging consequences.

There are instances where a seller may have to pay commission for brokerage, even if a sale is not done. A lawyer will be able to help you out with multiple listings and negotiate with the real estate agent, if the property is withdrawn from the market by the seller, or if the seller cannot deliver a marketable title. Presence of an attorney helps to oversee the proper terms and conditions that are present in the agreement.

Legal Paperwork

A solicitor or a licensed conveyancer is needed to take care of the legal paperwork present in the sale of the property. Local council searches, land registry, and other legalities like drafting the contract, cash exchange etc., will be taken care of appropriately by a conveyancer. Before you hire a conveyancer, you need to get multiple quotes and decide on the right choice. You can also ask friends and relatives for recommendations. Searching online will also help you out.

Sometimes opting for the cheap quotes can delay your work as these companies may operate in bulk leading to a slow process. If you want the sale to be done in a short time, this should be avoided. A reliable and professional company that gives prompt service should always be your first choice.

Author Box: XYZ makes the task of buying or sale of property a hassle free affair. He emphasizes the job of a conveyancer who takes all the responsibility of sorting out legal issues in your favor before spend your hard earned dimes towards acquiring a new house.


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