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Why Flying Drones Are Becoming Increasingly Popular?

When it comes to hobbies these days, many people are forgoing traditional RC toys for the latest rage: drones. Drones come in all sizes and shapes and many are equipped with video cameras, allowing you the opportunity to film your flight sessions and review them later. Most have a camera built in and those that don’t come equipped with a GoPro bundle.

The reason that drones have become so popular of the past few years is because of the emergence of many new models that are ready for flight right out of the box. Many have been simplified in order to allow new hobbyists to get started learning the ropes and can be found for less than $1,000.

Drones for Video

Thanks to the ever-evolving world of technology, getting great shots of an event such as a wedding or graduation is in high demand. These easy to operate and fairly inexpensive drones offer many hobbyists the ability to launch a new type of videography business that delivers exactly what these customers are looking for. The addition of GPS and gyroscopes are making it easier and easier for novice drone operators to get the steady, graceful shots that customers want and were previously only available through very expensive, experienced professional videographers.

But the use of drones with cameras isn’t limited to just filming outdoor weddings and sports events. Hobbyists have been using these units to film backyard family get togethers and beach vacations.

Consumer Drones

Of course, with the emergence in drone popularity in the last few years, the regulations have also become stiffer and more restrictive. For example, the Civil Aviation Safety Authority, or CASA, has issued regulations that prohibit the use of drones over populous areas as well as within 5 miles of an airport in order to ensure the physical safety and privacy of everyday individuals. And these aren’t the only requirements that new drone operators have to abide by.

Drone enthusiasts quickly find themselves moving from the ready to fly units to those that can be customized in order to provide the perfect flying conditions for each individual’s flight style. Many enjoy building custom drones because they are able to better to identify problems and provide fixes. These enthusiasts enjoy building their own drones from kits because they feel more immersed in their chosen hobby and learn more about the physics of flying.

The Final Word

Regardless of the reasons for the increase in interest from new drone operators all over the world, the truth of the matter is that more and more people are getting into flying drones. They are much more price accessible than planes and helicopters and the advanced technology provides an opportunity for those learning how to fly the added benefit of a more stable craft that makes it easier to learn the skills necessary to pilot a flying vehicle. It is important for anyone looking to get into the drone flying hobby to ensure that they understand how the latest regulations may affect them. This will ensure the safety and security of everyone involved.

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