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Why Professional Oriental Rug Cleaning Is A MUST

Oriental rugs are a fascinating and innovative touch to any home or residence. The inclusion of an Oriental rug to a room considerably changes the feel and personality of your livable room. Oriental rugs are carefully designed rug from south eastern Japan, turkey, Indian, Iran and elsewhere in the Center East. Today, though, one can buy high-quality hand designed Oriental rugs from reliable producers in the U. S. too. Once you spend money on an outstanding Oriental rug, you want to keep it fresh and well-maintained and because of this, you will need a professional oriental rug cleaning.

Protecting Your Investment

Having an experienced Oriental rug cleaning done is the best way to make sure your financial commitment remains well secured. Because Oriental rugs are different from any other design of rug, they need a specific washing technique. At RugSpa, we’ve offered soothing Oriental rug washing solutions to our clients for over a one fourth millennium. Our experienced and expert group will keep your Oriental rug looking as good as it did the day you brought it home.

Professional Oriental rug Cleaning Process        

Having a professional clean your oriental rug is a must because there are different procedures which they go through to make sure your Oriental rug continues to be unchanged.

• Inspection: We start with a thorough examination of your Oriental rug to evaluate any special needs it may have.

Step 1

We start by “dusting” your rugs which eliminates years of every day dust and waste within the fiber – waste which crushes, developing extreme wear on your rug. Our strong washing procedure performs to recover life to the nap and natural shine to your rug.

Step 2

Our uniquely developed compound deodorizer performs to reduce the effects of family food preparation and pet smells from your rug. These often promote many common allergic reactions.

Step 3

Today’s oriental rugs are in use throughout the house. To secure your rugs against surprising injuries and harm, scotch protecting is a must and needs be used expertly to accomplish preferred results. Expert scotch protecting is strongly suggested for light color rugs and any in high traffic areas.

Step 4

Mothproofing is a must to secure against harm from insects and secure your rug investment while kept in storage space or use. Our working experience has proven no matter how fresh the home, no one is safe from the surprising problems that moths can cause to unsecured fine made of wool carpets.

Many Oriental rugs are incredibly old and therefore delicate. We always use the gentlest cleaning techniques possible. By doing so, we can not only make sure that your Oriental rug will come out clean, but we can also assurance the specific colors and materials of the rug are not broken in the procedure.

Professional Oriental rug cleaning is a must because they have a very upgraded cleaning device where the newest devices is used and the most effective techniques are used. We examine your rug, and recognize the stains; we also figure out an appropriate cleaning technique at this level. We first cure the intensely much dirty places and eliminate all the strong spots. We then provide your rug a very thorough cleaning so that no spots are remaining behind and all dirt is eliminated. When we are done, your rug becomes fresh and definitely spotless; there is not even a little blemish to be seen. If you need, professional Oriental rug better also provide deodorization and moth therapy solutions to further enhance the outcomes.

During the whole washing procedure, we make sure that your rug is not broken and the color does not reduce. This is not so with other rug dirt elimination companies. They only eliminate spots at the outer lining area, and do not take any safety measures to sustain the quality of the rug. As such, the color often reduces in the procedure, damaging the overall look of the rug.

Professional Oriental rug better have a manageable dehydrating space completely gets dry your rug in the quickest of times. A very high temperature is managed in the area with large heat furnaces. The room features large fans and a large number of gaps which flow air consistently. Within just a few hours, your rug gets dry absolutely. This quick dehydrating procedure guarantees that your rug does not experience from a washed out color or bending.

So if you want your rug to be handled and all the spots eliminated, please contact a professional oriental rug cleaner like RugSpa. We would be satisfied to provide you, and would do it until you are absolutely pleased.


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